1971 AMC CJ 5 Dauntless V6 All Original 4WD and Factory Hardtop
1971 AMC Jeep CJ5
*Sought After Dauntless Buick V6 Engine
*4 Speed Manual Transmission *Rust Free
*Florida Vehicle
*Runs out great

All Steel with the factory Hardtop, full and half doors.. WOW!

History of the CJ-5
One Of The Unstoppables! As quoted by Tori Tellem Writer Daimler Chrysler Corporate Historical Collection Mar 11, 2008

The CJ-5 has the distinct honor of being a vehicle that was hard to kill off.
It came in 1954 and left in 1984, equaling the longest production run of note (and before you send letters to us, know that those are Jeep’s defined production dates, so we’re sticking to ’em, but we’ll grant you the ’55 model year).

The push was that the Universal Jeep was truly universal–stick it in agriculture, public service, transportation, communications, industry, and it would do the job–from street sweeping to acting as a public address vehicle because it was the world’s most useful vehicle.
Hey, if it was good enough to rid the roads of trash and Bob’s Big Boy wrappers, it was good enough for public consumption.

The CJ-5 was a bit bigger/longer than the CJ-3B and was based on the round-fendered ’51 M38A1.

Willys gave its latest Jeep Universal model lots of newness at launch. Completely new!
New ruggedness!
New dependability!
New comfort!
New versatility!

The CJ-5 was stepping it up in the brakes, suspension, seating, and even the glovebox (now with cover!) departments.

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Location: Hilton, New York, United States